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Finally in London Town!

After a total 13 hours of traveling between getting to the airport, flying, going through immigration, and actually getting to my flat, I can report that I am safe and sound in London! I touched down at Heathrow at about 7:50 am London time, and from there went straight on to immigration, baggage claim, customs, and then met up with the large group of Fordham students. I am lucky in that my program offers bus transportation from Heathrow to our flats, something that I very grateful for.

Below are some photographs of the flat I’m staying at in Kensington. I’m pretty sure they were newly remodeled because these flats are not too shabby! Lots of kitchen supplies and things, but after I finished partially unpacking I did have to run out and get some towels, hangers, and an extra blanket because I do like to cuddle up at night. There also isn’t a lot of storage in the bedroom portion of the flat, so I’m having to get creative!

My roommate and I went to a store called Argo’s (pronounced AR-GAHS, not AR-GOES) to get the home items, which is about a 10-15 minute walk from our flat. This store was awesome! You simply pick out what you want on a tablet, add it to your cart, and then you submit your order. After you pay, a staff member gets it for you from the warehouse in the back. Very convenient, and a great way for a store to maximize space.

We also stopped by Carphone Warehouse on our adventures so I could purchase a SIM card, but I ended up passing on it for now. The wifi is pretty okay so far in the flats, so I’m going to think about what I’ll really be using more, i.e. texting or data. I usually use more data at home, but that might have to change now!

Lastly, we went to the ever famous Tesco. There is a nice little Tesco Express right beneath our flat, which is ridiculously convenient. We both ended up just getting some simple basics for now, and tomorrow I plan on hitting up the Whole Foods down the road after orientation!

Until next post, see you later!


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