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A Pigeon On The Tube?

There were a lot of firsts this week- First classes at the University of Westminster, first lunch at the Blue corner, and my first pigeon on the tube. That’s right, a pigeon!

Monday was a nice, calm day after running around this weekend. I slept in and then did my homework. See mom??? I am studying! I had class later on that evening at Fordham, and then it was off to bed early before my first University of Westminster class on Tuesday morning.

The University of Westminster has multiple campuses, but I am taking classes at their Harrow Campus. This campus is home to their pretty prestigious Media Arts and Design programs, so it’s very cool to be surrounded by creative, artsy people- and actual Brits! Well, for the most part. My class on Tuesdays is a photography class and is actually comprised of all study abroad students who come from various schools around the US. I actually really enjoyed this class and am looking forward to getting back into photography. Here are some photos of the campus- it’s all new and very modern!

On Tuesday night I headed to my friend’s flat for dinner and, well, we booked our second trip….



Oslo, Norway!

Yes, I shall essentially become Elsa. We’re going next weekend because we found cheap flights, and why not? I like that we’re doing trips that are more off the beaten path (even if they’re all going to be freezing so far).

Wednesday was a rather interesting day because instead of having class in our usual building, my other Fordham class met at the Marx Memorial Library in east London. It’s a little hole in the wall place, so much so that only a plaque on the inside of the entrance lets you know what it is, but it was pretty cool. Not something I would recommend to tourists, there wasn’t that much to see, but a well intentioned excursion for our course.

Wednesday was also PIGEON DAY! I was on my way back from the library when BOOM- a pigeon flew into my tube car! It hopped around for a few minutes before somebody finally kicked it out. Personally, it made my day.

Next on my agenda was lunch, which I decided was going to be a treat yo self kind of day. I went to the cafe under the flat, the Blue Corner, and ordered an amazing egg, chorizo, homemade salsa, and brie sandwich on foccacia with a cappuccino, of course, and both were UNREAL. 10/10 for less than £10!

Last but not least, today, the 21st, was my other University of Westminster class- Film Theories: Hollywood and Genre. I really, really like this class. Not only is it 98% full time Westminster students, but I think it truly represents what the UK style of learning is like. Students are free to interject their thoughts, questions, criticisms, and more importantly, witty banter, whenever they want. It feels so much more personable and that you’re encouraged to express your ideas.

Because of this, it was also a bit intimidating. UK students have very regimented schedules so I’m pretty sure that all of the students in this class who aren’t study abroad students are all friends and have been in multiple classes together, so it’s a bit harder to fit in. What helped with this is that our larger lecture class is broken into small seminar discussion groups, so it’s easier to get yourself out there. I’m really looking forward to the rest of this class!

I spent the rest of the day preparing for Copenhagen. T-minus 13.5 hours until the plane takes off, so I shall be going to be very soon! I exchange pounds for Danish Kroners as Marks & Spencer, packed all my travel documents and heavy clothing, and made sure I had all of my tickets printed. Now all I have to do is pack a few cosmetics, so with that, I’ll end this post here with a picture I took on the way home from class today to go with my love of Sherlock.

Until next post, see you later!


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