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Week One is Good and Done!

That’s right, I’ve been abroad for an entire week! Seems like a small amount of time compared to how long I’ll be here for, but I have found that the first week is probably one of the most important ones while studying abroad.

If you’ve been following along with my London adventures thus far, you’ll know that the first few days had been quite busy. Between attending orientation, setting up my flat, and exploring the city, I barely got a moment to sit and rest, let alone write for this blog! I think that this was best though, staying busy. By immersing myself into the culture of London and making new friends I was able to forget some of my worries or sadness from leaving home. All of my worries, whether it was figuring out how to cross a street or set up my cell phone, dissolved because I was out and about.

However, it is important to also take time and reflect. On Sunday, my friends and I went to the cafe below us and finally relaxed for a little bit. I got a cappuccino and a scone, one of the foods I fear I am becoming far too fond of. After that, we headed to do some school and flat shopping, picking up the last few things before Fordham classes started on Monday. We even found a Sherlock coloring book, and brand of paper towels with my name!

Monday yielded my last orientation, one specifically held by the University of Westminster at it’s Regent Street Campus. The walk there from the Tube was absolutely beautiful, even if it was a bit dreary. The orientation itself was much like the Fordham one, academically focused and going over policies, but I did get some good information about classes and hope to change one of mine tomorrow during my registration meeting. I also had my first Fordham class, Global Marketing. My professor is British and very enthusiastic, so I look forward to our semester together.

Tuesday was a slow day, thankfully. I was beginning to feel tired and it was nice to actually be able to sleep in. I didn’t waste the day though, don’t worry mom! The weather has been nice so my roommate and I went to the Tesco Kensington Superstore again and I picked up ingredients to make lasagna. It came out fairly well, except the oven is a bit baffling! I ended up using convection roast by accident, making the cheese on the top crisp a bit rather than melt, but it was still very tasty!

What about today, you might ask? My other Fordham class! This class is required for all of the London Liberal Arts students and is and Interdisciplinary Capstone Course called “The City As Text: Modernity and Modernism in London”. Even though it’s not my usual field of study, for it is more philosophy based, we are going on excursions for class almost every week! I am looking forward to this greatly for we shall be seeing parts of London that often are missed by tourists.

Anyways, that’s all for now! I should start some readings for class and make dinner so I can get sleep before my registration appointment tomorrow.

Until next post, see you later!


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