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Goodbye College, Hello... The Rest of Forever?

So, my last post was just over a year ago. In that post, I had the great aspiration to make this blog a routine thing. Clearly, that didn't happen, so... what did?


Everybody tells you that your senior year of college is the best year of your life. You're pretty much done taking your required courses so your academics are supposed to be easier, parties are supposed to be non-stop, and you're now the big fish on campus. Granted, my senior was amazing and filled with some of the best memories I'll ever have, but it also taught me the all too real lesson of what happens when you over commit yourself.

During my final semester of college, I was a member of four clubs on campus, had two internships, got a 4.0 GPA, joined three honor societies, performed in three concerts, planned and executed a weeklong series of events for seniors (including seating a 1,000+ person dinner, but who's counting), and gained upwards of 30 pounds, barely had time to see my friends, and felt alone at a time where I was constantly doing, going, doing, going, doing, going....

I've had almost 9 months to think about my last moments of college. Do I regret those decisions? What did they amount to? I mean, the internships I had didn't lead to jobs, I wasn't ever actually going to become a singer, and my health was just complete shit. Did I make all of the right choices?


I don't know if I'll ever have the answer to that question, but I also don't really think I need it. All I know is that whatever I went through, no matter how good or how challenging, has made who I am today.

So who is that girl? That girl is one week away from turning 23, works in campus recruiting at the world's leader in the beauty industry, has a pretty awesome boyfriend, has lost those 30 pounds, has a brother getting married this year, but still needs to find the time to hang out with her friends more- there's always room for improvement!

I loved my time at Fordham, I truly did, but graduating from college was the best thing to happen to me yet. I've been able to reclaim my life, my time, and my happiness. It hasn't been perfect since I graduated, but I think for the first time, I'm beginning to understand what it really means to be me.

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